'A great time was had by all at the recent Tai Chi demonstration hosted by the Tree of Life in Larnaca. '


Sifu Boz Odusanya and instructor Lori Wood kept an enthusiastic audience enthralled with a lively discussion and some enjoyable demonstrations of this charming Chinese art. The audience was invited to join in some of the exercises and this generated a great atmosphere in the room, with an energy build up that was felt by all.

Lori explained that Chi is the life energy that is present in all living things (also known as Prana, Ki, Ji and Qi). Amongst other things, it nourishes us and protects us from disease. Practicing Tai Chi and Chi Gong can help to maintain good health by enhancing the chi and keeping it flowing freely in and around the human body, through channels known as meridians.

Sifu Boz went on to describe how the practitioner of Tai Chi becomes perceptive to feeling and directing the chi. This also helps to raise the vibrational frequency of a person's energy field, complementing the principles of the Law of Attraction, Reiki and Traditional Chinese Medicine, as well as many other holistic therapies. With time and discipline an inner stillness is developed where the 'deep mind' or higher self emerges, as the ego or 'superficial mind' recedes.

Tai chi is also viewed as a soft martial art, with its background in the more ancient art of Chi Gong –'breathing work'. Participants in the martial aspects of Tai Chi are called tai chi 'players' because the practice is performed with a playful attitude, not to harm but to develop sensitivity and awareness. Fun was then had with further demonstrations of how sensitivity to the chi can generate internal elastic forces in the body, to destabilise or gently 'bounce' one's opponent across the room!

Tai Chi classes hosted by Sifu Boz Odusanya and Lori Wood are now taking place at the Tree of Life Centre in Larnaca every Thursday evening. There are two classes; 18.00-19.00 and 19.15 to 20.15. Both are suitable for complete beginners and no previous experience is needed, just a willingness to learn and to practice the techniques on a regular basis. More advanced students from different disciplines who are seeking to enhance their own practice are also welcome. Classes cost €8 per session or €25 for a block of four sessions paid in advance. Make a positive decision today and join a class!


Article written By Dale Wright.