Health Qigong event Day: Manchester 2009


A Health Qigong event Day organized by the Tai Chi Union Of Great Britian on Saturday 28th November 2009, at Trinity Sports Centre, Manchester.

t was a pleasure introducing the group to the fundamental internal principles that are incorporated in the Taiji Qigong. The group were friendly, open and responsive to the concepts and ideas illustrated in the session, which unfortunately had to be squeezed into thirty minutes due to the overrun of scheduled activities throughtout the day.

The ideas introduced by Boz were:

  • 1) The three stages of movement which introduce the alightment of the muscular seletal framework of the body, and the sequential activation of the muscles to facilitate a wave to pass through the body. The intial inquiry of the session was to clearly illustrate how the stabilty of the body can be greatly improved by the use of the stages.

2) The importance of the two girdles of the body;

  • a) the pelvic area – the releasing and rotation of the pelvis region while initiating movement.
  • b) The releasing of the shoulder blades etc down the back in time with the releasing of the pelvis girdle.

During the session the group explored the ideas with several partner exercises to identify how effective the use of the 3 stages and the two girdles are in developing improved stability. The group was shown and talked through (fitting in the stages and two girdles) while doing some of the Taiji qigong set. Due to time restrictions Boz was not able to show the group all the itinerey that was planned for this session. Never the less the group appeared to understand the principles and seemed to enjoy the session.