First part of 2: first section - Short form.


Students study aid - I will give you some tips to remember to do when practising the form. If you have any questions or queries that arise in practice, then in class just ask Lori or me after class, and we will be more than pleased to help to provide you with an answer to your query.

Helpful points:
Be relaxed, let go – to release as much tension as possible.
Yin and Yang – the substantial leg, and the insubstantial leg, within each movement, move deliberately from one move to another, being aware of the yin and yang aspect of weight.
Be light and agile.
With the body let go by releasing, and then float.
Sink under the ground with your mind, then the body (you can think of roots growing strongly through the feet penetrating deeply into the ground).
Keep the head upright, tongue touching lightly the roof of the mouth.
Enjoy the doing of the practice.
Have an inquiring mind, experiment with the knowledge you have.