TAI CHI FOR BEGINNERS AND INTERMEDIATE LEVELS . Taiji is easy to learn . Learn at your own pace . No Special clothing required . No previous experience needed . All that is required is the desire to try something new .

WHAT IS TAI CHI? Also named TAIJI is an ancient Chinese exercise regime and martial art based on many Daoist principles. Research studies from practicing this art form suggests that taiji can strengthen the body, mind and spirit. The west practice tai chi for it’s health giving properties.

All the movements of the tai chi are soft and gentle, with the mind being calm and focused. As a health exercise it helps improve balance, lower blood pressure. As a martial art, Tai chi uses the method of “softness overcomes hardness.” At present many Chinese practise it on a daily basis.

WHAT IS THE TAIJI FORM? The form was invented by different families in China, each had been involved in studying martial arts. Each family developed the movements for their own particular series of movements in the exercises known as sets or forms.

There are many different family styles of Tai chi – the main ones being Chen and Yang ( go to History section ). Each of these may be sub-divided so there can be many different styles of this Tai Chi.


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