Student Testimonials

Testimonials given by my students.

Tai chi is great – taking just a few hours out each week to calm down the mind and relax the body is really enjoyable and has such a positive effect on the both – I would recommend your tai chi to anyone.
Peter W – Degree Student at Sheffield Hallam University
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I always felt, seeing people practice Tai Chi in parks, that it looked wonderful but wasn’t for me – too slow and meditative.
But since I started your course, I’ve been feeling so much more relaxed.  I sleep better and my blood pressure, often higher than it should have been, is now well within the healthy figures.
My lower back pain and sciatica are also much better.  Tai Chi has loosened me up, and if I do feel any pangs, they are soon gone; whereas before I could spend days in so much pain that I could hardly move.  Now my posture is better and I’m more flexible.  That is after less than 10 weeks.
Sylvia F – Masters Degree Student – Sheffield Hallam University.

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I am very happy to put down why I enjoy Tai Qi and Qigong so much and why I still keep coming after 8 years when I first thought that all I would need would be a few classes to get the hang of it and then just carry on my own.

I suffered two long bouts of incapacitating back trouble in my fifties and though I kept up with the exercises my physiotherapist gave me I still had periodic recurrences until I started Tai Qi with you.  Since then I have only had very rare and minor problems because the main benefit of Tai Qi is the growing awareness of all the different muscles and their movements.  In each session pretty well all areas of the body from head to toe are covered in the varying movements and the regular sessions I do every other day first thing in the morning keep me in touch with what is happening around my body and the constant gentle exercise of the hips and pelvis keep my lower back relaxed and flexible which is, I am sure, why I have had so little trouble since starting with you.  It is the most gentle yet thorough form of exercise I know – although outwardly nothing much is perceived the inner concentration of muscle effort must help firm up the flab and I am sure I am much fitter than I ever was.

Not only does the Tai Qi Form and the Qi Gong exercise the body but it also exercises the brain – the concentration needed to make sure all the changes of muscle pressure, the shifts of weight and the co-ordination of all the different arm and leg and body movements in the attempt to make the Form as elegant and effortless-looking as you and other teachers make it seem, makes the time fly by in class.  I am sure new pathways in the brain are constantly being set as we learn new pieces of the Form – with the quiet practice you teach we can achieve what seemed impossible at first.   I know we end each class with meditation but I feel the whole class and my own practice at home is a form of meditation as the mind is emptied of everything but the relaxed attempt to follow through the movements and their smooth sequences.   It has taught me patience and tolerance of my inadequacies at Tai Qi but the also the expectance of improvement and the satisfaction when I learn a bit more.

I love the relaxed, informal and informative way you teach – the quiet and the peace of the class.  Sometimes I feel almost too tired to come out in an evening but am always glad I have made the effort and feel revitalised by it.  You make it fun while paying attention to us all as individuals and you are always encouraging.
Merren W – Retired Special Needs Teacher
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I’m really glad I started Tai Qi and Chi qong with you over nine years ago. I wouldn’t say I was the most sickly person around, but I had more than my fair share of colds and illnesses. It is wonderful when my friends still comment on how my health has improved and that I never seem to have has many colds since I have been practising Taiji.

The classes are so good at switching off the hum drum of the day, and off loading the stress accumulated throughout the day. I go into an inner peace when I practice, and the things we learn are so incredibly interesting. It’s great to learn about the body, the skeletal and the muscle structures, with the techniques of calming and focusing the mind which gives fantastic insights into what reality is and not. I try to do my training regularly at least every other day for about 15 – 30 minutes. Best time spent- sets me up for the day. I would recommend this form of exercise to anyone, it really works well for me.
Paul S – Musician
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I enjoy practicing your style of tai qi taught by you. When in the class it gives me some ‘me time’. After a short while all the thoughts of the day disappear, to be replaced by positive inquiring thoughts about the subtle sensations that I can feel within my body. I often go to the class feeling tired after an exhausting day at work, but after the class I feel revitalised and have a good night’s sleep. I previously suffered from lower back pain, however since doing Tai qi I have noticed that my back pain has reduced incredibly (to almost none existent) and my body has become much more flexible.
Lori W –  Technical Officer, Faculty of Health and Wellbeing – Sheffield Hallam University.
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I started Taiji as my wife thought the exercise would be good for her. I have osteo and rheumatoid arthritis and had been told my consultant that the constant pain and stiffness were permanent. I had spent years at a computer terminal and my neck grated when I turned my head. Movement was restricted. NHS physiotherapists recorded my loss of movement and the noise from the arthritic joints. I did not think that Taiji would have any effect. After doing Taiji with Boz for some weeks, I noticed that my mobility had improved. I persevered and found the gentle but sustained loosening exercises were improving my range of movement. I went on holiday for 5 weeks and did not do any Taiji. I found that I started to stiffen up again. I began the exercises again and was soon able to stop taking painkillers and precribed anti- inflammatories. I recently saw my doctor after injuring my hip. He was surprised by my freedom of movement. I had been registered disabled in 1992 due to arthritis. He referred me to the physiotherapist who had looked at my notes and showed me the record of my range of movement and discomfort from 10 years ago. I now have no pain in my neck and shoulders and can run and touch my toes without any discomfort. We are 69 years old and are both convinced of the benefits of Taiji. I would recommend being in a class with a professional teacher to benefit from the gradual development of the exercises to suit the individual.
Mike G – Retired IT Businessman