Yang Short Form

Yang Short Form 37 steps (Cheng Man Ching)

Hi fellow Tai chi brothers and sisters. When I used to visit an art gallery. I would look at the pictures or sculptures and not have a clue what the artist was trying to convey. At one art gallery my partner gave me a great bit of knowledge and this is it. LOOK to see if the art work has a piece written by the artist next to it. The artist will guide you and encourage ideas on how to view and interpret the item. So, now when I go to a gallery I look for information written by the artist next to their work. It has helped me to view the artwork and appreciate it with some understanding. Of course, some people feel that you should not be lead into a particular thought stream, but instead obtain your individual interpretation. Well each to his /her own. No right way or wrong way of doing it, what suits you best.

Here is a brief insight into my video below. This is my garden (well I guess the garden is on loan to me, its really belongs to the Robins, magpies and co plus the occasional fox and furry creatures, Oh and the bees and wasps – But I guess it’s on loan to them too) I am performing the Tai chi Form in the height of summer. Quite nice don’t you think!! Nice in summer, winter no practice in the garden, unless its nice thickly laid with snow, and I have my woolly hat, scarf and gloves on, then it feels great. Look more deeper into the video, there are clues on how to develop and practice the more deeper aspects of the form, for it to become truly internal over time. Its nice to show you some of my nature in my back yard, I am hidden in my nature. There are no secrets. The clues are there – you just need to see them.